Military Adventure Racing Circuit










The Military Adventure Racing Circuit, commonly known as M.A.R.C., is a Life Quest Transitions program developed with Checkpoint Tracker and Gravity Play Sports designed specifically to introduce America’s uniformed men and women to the sport of adventure racing.


A M.A.R.C. team is a 4-person Elite team consisting of all military personnel.  Challenges facing a M.A.R.C. team are the plotting of checkpoint coordinates on a map using UTM coordinates, navigation, mountain biking, kayaking, trekking, rappelling, Tyrolean Traversing, and Orienteering on the race course.


M.A.R.C. teams compete in several races, including the following:

  • Sprint Races: Approximately 30 miles.  Usually last about 4-5 hours.
  • Adventure Races: Approximately 75-100 miles.  Usually last about 17-20 hours.
  • Expedition Races: Approximately 250-300+ miles.  These are multiple day races featuring multiple endurance disciplines that are extremely demanding and challenging.