Return to Duty

As a soldier in the military, you have invested a lot of time, effort, and training in your career. Your experience and abilities are valuable to your unit and this nation. If you have been injured or have become deconditioned for any reason, that investment might be at risk. That is why we feel particularly honored to be able to offer a program especially for the return to duty soldier. The Life Quest RTD program is specially designed around you to help you reach your physical and mental potential in a short period of time.
As a participant, you will be assessed on your functional movement and physical abilities required of you. Then, working one-on-one, we will help you set goals and outline a path to get you there. Small groups of 4-8 individuals will then train together using cutting edge training techniques, functional tools, and a variety of sport skills to teach your body to move optimally and with more speed, power, and agility. You will learn motivational skills, nutrition, and techniques to be able to make these changes last a lifetime. End result, in a short time, you will reach your goals and secure your future as a proficient soldier who will be able to serve to his/her highest physical ability and know how to maintain that new high level of performance for your country and your family.