The Founders


CW Conner at LQT 2010 Holiday Salute


CW Conner

Founder – Chairman/CEO

CW Conner is the founder and CEO of LifeQuest Transitions.  A US Army veteran himself, CW has over 25 years of business experience in transportation logistics, commercial insurance, and software development. CW built a successful transportation company in College Station, TX, with revenues of more than 40 million dollars and a client base with fortune 500 companies such as Compaq and Dell Computer. In 2000, CW left the transportation industry and founded the eSports broadcasting and technology company. In 2001, eSports broadcast the first Big 12 Baseball championships via live streaming Internet from Arlington, TX. Working with recognized coaching legend Barry Switzer and other sports figures, eSports built and developed over 80 internet clients within a two year period. After selling eSports in 2003, CW re-entered the transportation industry by founding Transportation Management Group, transportation insurance and consulting company.


In 2008, CW relocated to Colorado Springs and began his own transition from successful businessman and a sedentary lifestyle to something greater, starting LifeQuest Adventure Racing team. CW has a passion for helping people make change in their own lives and so, together with business partner Dr. Grove Higgins, created the community outreach program for children called Camp Challenge. This program caught the attention of the Ft Carson Warrior Transition Battalion commanders, who requested transitional solutions for our soldiers returning home from theater. Thus, LifeQuest Transitions (LQT) was founded. LQT has worked with the Warrior Transition Command and the Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to help position LQT as the leader in the Colorado Springs region in championing solutions to help men and women of the armed forces and their families.


CW has a deep sense of community and has worked with numerous organizations over the years such as Boy Scouts, Little League, MDA, Lions Club, Salute to a Fallen Hero.  CW has an extensive athletic and high adrenaline sports background that includes football, rodeo, and wrestling and is a current LifeQuest Adventure team member.



Dr. Grove Higgins

President / Director of Training / Principle Writer

Enjoying Family Day Event 2010

Dr. Grove Higgins is the Co-Founder, President, Director of Training Services for LifeQuest Transitions and Team Doctor for the LifeQuest Adventure Racing Team. Known at LifeQuest as “Doc”, Grove began his work in health and wellness over 24years ago.  Early on, he became acquainted with the effects of Traumatic Brain Injury and intrigued with the effects of the brain on the body and how the body affects the development and rehabilitation of the brain.


Through his undergraduate education, he worked in collegiate sports doing paramedical work, rehabilitation, performance training, and strength and conditioning coaching. Inspired by a mentor, Dr. Higgins moved to New York to earn his doctorate from New York Chiropractic College.  While pursuing his doctorate, he also taught gross anatomy and physiology to doctoral level students and worked on biomechanical research, using 2nd generation 3D imaging. Upon graduation he moved back to work with his mentor and started a new clinic in Colorado Springs, soon branching out on his own.


Taking a break from private practice, Dr. Higgins spent a year in Las Vegas, NV, helping found a technology company and working with MMA athletes.  During this year, he helped innovate breakthrough technology, which is currently being developed at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and he continued to learn and perfect ideas of training and clinical treatment.


In 2008, Dr. Higgins met his future business partner and friend, CW Conner. As team doctor for the LifeQuest Adventure Racing Team, Dr. Higgins recognized the potential of adventure racing and the transformative nature of the sport.  He began collaborating with CW to write motivational and instructional curriculum for children, which would be known as Camp Challenge.  Soon after, the Warrior Transition Battalion command at Ft. Carson, sought LifeQuest’s help to develop transitional solutions for our soldiers returning home from theater.  Thus, LifeQuest Transitions (LQT) was founded and exists to champion solutions to help men and women of the armed forces and their families.


Dr. Higgins is currently seeking his PhD in Sports and Performance Psychology from the University of the Rockies and Walden University. He continues to work as an occupational health consultant with major corporations and occasionally sees private patients.  He holds certifications in advanced soft tissue care and treatment, Active Release Techniques (Full Body), Zhealth (R,I,T), Biomechanics, NSCA Strength and Conditioning, Crash Reconstruction, and many others. He is an active part of the Colorado Springs community and the regional Catholic Diocese, helping to inform and to create outreach programs to the military and their families.